Eva Zahradníková


Although my profession is that of a garden design-architect, as a self-taught artist I have been drawing and painting for about thirty years. These activities interact, as each allows me to be creative. I designed jewelry too, my favorite materials being leather, brass and felt. In 2002 I built an art grouping entitled “Zlatý střed(t)”-or The Golden Middle and in 2005 my first exhibition (39 painting and jewellery) appeard in the Brno Galery “Žlutý kopec”. Since that time I have staged other exhibitions periodically.

My paintings ivestigate an invisible world, one imperceptible to our sences, but available to our intuition. This approach is the result of my own use of imagination and my interest in introspection. My goal then is creating the inspirational work of art, opening up dimensions perhaps only surmised, that exist beyond HORIZONT of the material world. This aspect of my work allows me to challenge the viewer to examine this own heart and to ask himself deeper questions.



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Brno, Czech Republic

My husband painter